Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paris- A Popular Tourist Destination

Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world, which makes it quite easy to access. It is a major hub for many airlines, and a great starting point or stopover during a European vacation. Your time in Paris is precious, so you don’t want to waste a minute. A little advance planning is a good thing to avoid some of the typical time wasters.

Discovering In Madrid – A Manual To The City Of Spain

On the Eastern part of the city, you find the classy Paseo des Arte, with its beautiful foliage and three enormous museums, The Prado, the Centro de Arte de Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen Bornemisza, all clumped together just a conveniently short walk from each other. Private apartment complexes and fine dining highlight this area, and the older museums serve as background for the ambiance of the bigger three. Just behind the Prado, you will find the luxurious length of the Retiro gardens, covered by ponds and fountains, pavilions of glass, and rose gardens, it is a lovely shaded place to find some relief from the summer heat.

Monday, July 28, 2008

London Attractions

Holland Travel – Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Anne Frank

Holland certainly has a reputation with travelers. Known for having a very liberal attitude on social issues such as prostitution and drugs, the reputation is not always deserved. Yes, marijuana and prostitution are legal, but there is so much more to the country. Many look at Amsterdam as Holland, but visitors know there is much more. If you desire to travel to Holland, also known as the Netherlands, don’t miss these attractions.