Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is the Capital and the most important city of Chile,  a very nice city near the Andes.
A very modern and beautiful city with spectacular views of the Andes.

Santiago de Chile is a very interesting and city to visit, a city with many interesting and nice places to go, such as museums, historical buildings, restaurants, and with an important night-life.

The best place to stay in Santiago is the Providencia district, a very modern district with tall buildings, restaurants, museums and conveniently located and with transport to other parts of the city.


There are several ways to move around Santiago de Chile, but its Subway system is very modern and safe to use, you also have buses and Taxis to move around, but without doubt, the Subway is the best and cheapest way to move.


The city of Santiago has many Museums and theatres to visit. The most important Museum is the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Fine Arts Museum), established in 1880 is one of the oldest museums in South America, it is located in the Parque Forestal street in the Metropolitan Area of Santiago. As you can see in the photo below is not only interesting to visit the museum because of the Art but also because of its architecture.

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