Friday, March 26, 2010

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Granada, Spain

Granada is one of eight provincial capitals of Andalusia community, to no more than 80 km from the Costa del Sol, and close to the Sierra Nevada, stretches from the fertile plains to the three hills that
surround it, Albaicin, Sacromonte and Alhambra.

This city is a before and after in the history of Spain. since the capture of the city by the Catholic kings, Christian reconquest ended the call, as in Granada, was the last Arab kingdom in Iberia, the Nazarite kingdom, which among other things, left as a witness, one of the great wonders that continue to astound the world today. Indeed, the Alhambra, luxury, sumptuousity of its rooms, the fabulous scenery, fountains and courtyards, as well as its beautiful gardens, justifies by itself, a visit to this city that has been the subject of countless songs, poems or books as the famous tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving.

Besides being a university city with Renaissance monuments like the cathedral, the Royal Chapel, which houses the tombs of the Catholic Kings.

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