Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Historical buildings in Rome

Rome is the Capital of the Italian Republic, and it is also the most populous city of Italy, head of the province of the same name and region of Lazio. During its long history has been the seat of the Roman Empire, and you can see amazing historical buildings regarding this legacy.

It is also the spiritual center of Catholicism, and its historic center, where they mix remains of nearly three millennia, has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
The main buildings made in Rome are from the sixth century  AC: Palacio Real, Forum, and Tullianum Cloaca Maxima.
In 1980, the historic center of Rome was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 1990, the statement included in the assets of the Vatican City, located in the city to benefit from rights of extraterritoriality.
Rome is really and amazing city and its architecture is fantastic, in this post I want to show the spectacular historical buildings you can find in Rome

Roman Forum

 Castel SantÁngelo



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