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What to see in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the Capital of Germany, and it is one of the largest cities in Europe. The history is Berlin is very interesting, under the rule of the Prussian kings, it reaches its maximum splendour and most of  its main avenues, squares, palaces, museums and theatres where built during this stage.

In the 20's of last century the city became the a cultural centre of Europe. But after the Second World War it was divided, and the city became known for the famous Berlin Wall, which even remains as a testimony of what happened during these sad years.
Nowadays we can move freely in what used to be two cities and admire places like Ku Damm Avenue, always full of atmosphere during day and night, with the memorial, or walk the Unter den Linden Avenue.

Palaces, Cathedrals, Museums and Theatres


Berlin has many Palaces, Cathedrals, museums and theatres to visit, to name some of the places you can visit we can mention the Berlin Cathedral or the Berliner Dom, which although it has never been the seat of a Bishop it is known by this name, the Hedwig's Cathedral, the Berlin State Opera, the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum.
Palaces are also places to admire in Berlin, like Charlottenburg or the Reichstag, as well as neighbourhoods such as Hansa with the big theatres, opera and concert halls.


Brandenburg Gate

One of the most important monuments in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate, the most representative, not only of Berlin, but throughout the country and shows us the perspective to the victory column.
The Brandenburg Gate is a must if you plan to visit Berlin, located in the western part of Berlin, it is the junction of the Eberstrabe Street and Unter den Linden Avenue. Near the Brandenburg Gate you have lots of places to visit like the Pariser Platz, the Holocaust Memorial and the Reichstag building.

Humboldt Box

The Humboldt Box is a futuristic museum, the building is really amazing and it a place you have to visit if you travel to Berlin. It is located in Unter den Linden avenue in front of Schobplatz and very near the Berliner Dom.


Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the crossing point between East and West Berlin during the cold war and the time the city was divided in two. Nowadays it is a touristic attraction where you can see the guard house with an image of an American soldier from one side and a Soviet soldier on the other side. 


Topographie des Terror

The Topographie des Terror is a museum that shows photos and documents of the terrible things that happened during the Nazi regime. The museum, is located in Niederkirschnerstrasse on the site of the buildings that were the SS and Gestapo headquarters. I must say that this museum has very hard images of the terrible things that the Nazis made during the regime and if you are sensitive to this subject it can be very hard.

Today we see a XXI century Berlin, futuristic and free, a city in which the most prestigious architects have helped to rebuild a city with a lot of history.

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