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Innsbruck in Austria, tha Capital of the Alps

View of Innsbruck in Austria

Innsbruk is the capital of Tyrol, it is located in a privileged location, surrounded by mountains, and crossed by the Inn river, which gives the city its name. It is a small city, but it enjoys a youthful and carefree atmosphere, with great animation. 

Imperial Court Church in Innsbruck

There are many visitors, who want to know its history, which is a lot, Innsbruck was the seat of the imperial court of Maximilian I by the end of the 15th century, this is shown by its buildings, such as the Imperial Court Church, also known as Schwarzmander Church , with the Mausoleum of the Great Emperor Maximilian I, or the Imperial Palace, next to which the busiest street of Innsbruck begins, the Herzog-Friedrisch Strasse, this street is the heart of the city, where we find the famous “Golden Roof”, symbol of Innsbruck. Right there, we can admire the wonderful Rococo façade of the HeblingHaus or as a counterpoint, the Medieval Tower of the Town Hall.

Innsbruck Golden Roof

All this is a small arcaded and pedestrian street, where shops, cafes and great animation reign. Trams make getting around the city quick, efficient and cheap. 
Nearby, you can reach Maria Theresien Strasse, the street dedicated to the Empress Maria Theresien, with the most elegant shops and monuments. 

But you have many more places to visit, because it is possible to go to one of the many hills that surround the city, finding on the way the Wilten Basilika, a masterpiece of rococo and stucco work, and from there reach the Bergisel hill, where you can find the spectacular Olympic Trampoline from where you can see the entire city and part of the Inn river valley.

The Weather

Austria, being an alpine country, has very cold winters, with copious snowfalls, where the average temperature is 4 ° C, while springs and summers offer climates with sunny and warm days, with pleasant temperatures, with average temperatures of 25 ° C.


Shopping in Innsbruck

Although Innsbruck is not a shopping paradise, you can always get typical souvenirs from the Alps and products from the famous Swaroski glassware. It is also a good place to find the best winter sportswear.

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