Monday, July 16, 2012

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Save While You Sleep: Lodgings for under $100 around the world

Planning on taking a vacation this summer but worried about breaking the bank? Lodging can make for one of the deepest gouges in the traveler’s wallet and scares off many prospective vacationers from enjoying their time off to the fullest. But don’t let the price of hotels deter you! Following these four tips can land you great accommodations for under $100 a night.

Look for Savings 

Instead of being set on one destination, search for deals on the internet before you make any plans. There are many sites that offer great promotions on travel accommodations, from cheaper airfare to hotel stays. Be flexible and browse through offers from a site like, then plan a trip based off of the destinations they’re offering specials on.

Use Your Connections 

Vacationing with friends is a great way to ensure you have fun along the way, but it’s also a great way to minimize housing costs! SmarterTravel suggests a number of cheap digs, notably including the French 900-year-old Chateau D’Algony which, when split between ten, ranges from around $40 to $80. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, house swapping with friends or house sitting is a great way to get out of Dodge without going broke!

Go Back to Basics 

If you really want to get away, camping out is just about the best way to do it on the cheap. If you’re looking for a roof over your head, though, many states along the west coast offer old lookouts or ranger cabins along National Parks, like California’s Bear Basin Lookout and Cabin. If you’re looking for something a little less conservative, the Playa Selva Tree House in Mal Pai, Costa Rica offers modern comforts elevated in a Banyan tree. Best of all, rates range from $50 to $60 a night!

Timing is Everything 

We’re all acquainted with the idea of off-season rentals, but the savings they can provide is outstanding. Traveling off-peak often yields more intimacy, and with your savings you can even extend your stay! Likewise, if you’re traveling between cities you can arrange for rooms at hostels or local dormitories. While they aren’t the most expansive rooms, these are often the most reasonably priced in the more expensive neighborhoods and can save you major bucks! Traveling off-season doesn’t necessarily mean bunking with a stranger in the cold—planning ahead can get you almost anywhere!

What’s most important, though, is to get started! Making arrangements ahead of time is critical to keeping costs down, whether it’s figuring out who you can stay with or when you want to go. In the end, though, keeping prices down allows for more flexibility, which is important when you’re taking your vacation days!

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