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A Guide to Some of the Less Popular but Equally Breathtaking Attractions in Sydney

Sydney is the largest and most popular city for tourists visiting Australia.  As well as being home to the renowned Opera House there is also the Gallery of NSW, the remnants of the 2000 Olympics that were hosted in Sydney and gorgeous beaches like Bondi. While it would be a shame to avoid these iconic places, if you are planning on holidaying in Sydney at the busy period of their summer which falls between December
and March, these places will be overrun with tourists. There are many places that you could visit that don't get the same number of tourists, but are just as interesting and fun. Consider the places and activities described below when planning your trip to Sydney.

Tour the Olympic Park on a Segway
You could visit the Sydney Olympic Park, home to the main Olympic Stadium and others where the majority of the events took place in 2000. When no events are taking place it is a bit like a desert as not very many people visit it. There are nice parks in-between the stadiums, though there is quite a distance between each of them. If you have a bike or hire one, this will make your tour less of a strain on your legs. The most enjoyable way to take in the sights of 2000 is to hire a Segway which costs around $99 for 2 hours.

Enjoy a Drink and the Sights from the Orbit/Summit Bar
Sydney has a great nightlife and there are many eateries and bars you can visit, but for something a little different you should consider the Orbit/Summit bar in Australia Square. It is situated on the 42nd floor and though it is more expensive than an ordinary bar, there is a great choice of drinks, the staff is friendly and from there you can experience some of the best views of Sydney. It is best to get there at about 4 or 5 pm so that you can get a good seat to see Sydney as the sunsets.

Take a Kayak up the River Spit
If you are after a truly different experience, why not head over to the Spit Bridge. If you do not have your own transport there are many buses that head in that direction. Sydney Harbour Kayaks is a shop off to the right side of the bridge. You can hire kayaks from the shop and take a trip up the river. Depending on how much time you have, how far you want to go and how much budget you have you can hire a boat for anything up to 3 hours. To take in the full delights of the river, you will need around 3 hours and if you wait until high tide there are excellent waterways that you can travel along through wonderful mangrove forests. This is a great way to have the experience of an outback holiday whilst still very much in the city.

Visit the Quay Restaurant
Now the Quay Restaurant is one of the most expensive in Sydney but it is also one of the best and is a great place to eat in as a one off occasion.  Whether you are planning to celebrate a great holiday or just as an extra special treat for your partner, you will not be disappointed by the excellent menu.  At this restaurant they only use the finest and freshest ingredients prepared more like works of art than food. The view of the harbour is spectacular at night and the members of staff are masterful at making you feel looked after without interrupting the mood of your meal.

An Alternative to Hotel Rooms
If you are looking for somewhere different to stay rather than a house, or are going for a long trip you may want to consider a serviced apartment. The joy of renting a serviced apartment in Sydney rather than paying for a hotel room is you get to experience the full brilliance of Sydney and have a fully functioning living area as a base for your trip.  Most serviced apartments in Sydney feature the normal mod cons you have in your own home and are great for a family or business trip.
The problem with Sydney is that there is so much to do that you would find it hard to fit everything in one trip there, especially if you are only there for a short time. As well as the major tourists draws mentioned in the opening paragraph, those mentions throughout this article there are many other places and activities worth trying out if you have a chance. Whatever way you choose to spend your time in Sydney you will be astounded by the sights, enjoy the deep sense of heritage and culture and be made to feel welcome by the wonderful people.

Written by John Chen who is a traveler and writer, and who is currently living and working in Thailand.

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