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A Guide To Camping In Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island of the world, a protected World Heritage Site stretching for 123 kilometers along Queensland’s southern coast. Known for its exceptional beauty, Fraser Island has long white beaches surrounded by colorful sand cliffs, ancient rainforests and over 100 freshwater lakes.

Where To Camp

  • There are several camping zones, both private and in the 6 National Parks. Grab a map to identify the best place to pitch your tent. 
  • If you have kids with you, opt for fenced camp sites in Central Station, Lake Boomanjin, Wathumba, Central Station, Lake Allom, Waddy Point (Top), and Dundubara. 
  • In most camping zones, basic camping facilities are provided, including toilets, tap water, picnic tables, and showers and so on. 
  • There are a few camping designated places that have no facilities, but you can set up tents. 
  • Private campsites with power are available at Cathedral Beach and Dilli Village. However, you’ll have to shell out $25 to $40 a night (for two people) to camp at these sites, plus additional charge for extra campers.  

What To Carry With You 

  • Carry plenty of drinking water with you and also several water treatment tablets to purify island water for drinking. 
  • Carry fuel and a stove for cooking, but be sure to test them previously. 
  • Carry plenty of $1 coins for hot showers, 50c and 20c coins for public telephones and so on. 
  • If you’re camping in an un-powered site, carry torches for light. Generators are not allowed except where indicated. 
  • Take plenty of insect repellent to keep the mosquitoes off of you. 
  • Carry sufficient groceries for your camping trip. If you run out of food, gas, fuel or ice, you can buy them at Happy Valley, Cathedral Beach, Eurong, Kingfisher Bay or Orchid Beach, but they’ll be expensive. 
  • You can carry satellite phones with you, since cell phone coverage will be limited. Public telephones around are situated around the island. 
  • Carry a complete first aid kit and emergency medical supplies, as there’s no medical assistance on the island. 
  • Bring sand pegs, extra poles, tarpaulins, ropes, torches and other camping essentials. 

 How To Navigate The Island 

  • Only 4-wheel drives are allowed on the Island. That means no caravans or trailers (except on Dundubara campsite).
  • Stick to a maximum speed of 80 kilometers an hour along the Seventy Five Mile Beach and don’t cross 35 kilometers per hour on other inland tracks and roads. 

What To Do 

  • Pick up a camping permit ($4 per person per night), and a 4WD permit from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife group, if you want to camp in a non-recognized campsite. 
  • Attach your camping permit to your tent so that it’s visible to Park Rangers. 
  • Make sure you collect a Fraser Island Information pack containing important safety information and maps along with your permit. 
  • Certain campsites need to be booked, such as Waddy Point, One Tree Rocks beach camping Zone, Central Station, and Dundubara. You can do it via
  • At the campsite, lock up your rubbish and food in campground lockers or in your vehicle to keep dingoes away or you might be fined. 
  • Obtain a Vehicle Service Permit (VSP) for your 4WD, and fix the tag to your vehicle’s windscreen. 

What Not To Do

  • Don’t start an open fire. Community fires are allowed, but you have to use milled timber off-cuts that you bring from outside. Avoid bringing bush timber, as it can carry pests. 
  • Don’t light your stove within your vehicle or your tent. 
  • Do not carry chainsaws. 
  • Do not clean or fillet fish in camping areas; use designated spaces for this task. Be sure to bury fish offal below the high tide mark, at least half a foot deep. 
  • Don’t swim on the eastern beach so as to avoid rips and sharks; Fraser Island beaches are not patrolled, so you must watch your kids all the time. 

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