Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Exploring Egypt

The Nile River is one of the most significant elements in ancient Egypt civilization. Aside from holding an important role in their history, this is also one of the best places to get a good view of all the awe-inspiring attractions that this country has to offer. Whether you opt to ride on the traditional felucca or a modern vessel, you should be able to appreciate the beauty of its temples and other scenarios.

A Journey through the Nile River

To jumpstart your journey, start in the legendary Old Cataract Aswan where you can enjoy its magnificent views, enjoying a drink as you sit atop the terrace. After a good rest, take a tour of Upper Egypt where you can watch a performance at Karnak or take a walk in the Avenue of the Sphinxes. In Luxor, you can visit the pharaoic buildings which were built under the reign of Amenhotep III and then extended by Ramses II.
Further down the river is the Kom Ombo, a temple that made in dedication to two gods, Horus and Sobek. There are also the buildings of the temple of Edfu, which is considered as the perfect example of sacred architecture in ancient Egypt.
Down in Aswan is where the valley of Nile ends as cultivated fields are replaced by wide and sandy shores. It is in this area where the Elephantine Island is found along with other wonders like the Nubian Museum and the humungous unfinished obelisk. On an island are Lake Nasser, the Aswan High Dam, and the Philae complex. There is also the Abu Simbel.

Temperatures during the summer can go from 26 to 41 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is recommended that any sightseeing is done early in the morning before the sun is up high. The time between October and April would be the best time to visit the country with comfortable temperatures ranging between 11 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Tourist Information and Practicalities

In Cairo, Egypt’s capital, is where the world-famous Great Pyramids of Egypt can be found, along with the Solar Boat Museum and the Sphinx, which gives a sneak peak into Egypt’s rich history. In the royal Saqqara necropolis with its interesting artworks and the nearby Memphis which is the Old Kingdom’s first capital. Highlights in this place are the Step Pyramid of Djoser and the Serapeum. Back in the modern city is the Egyptian Museum housing a vast collection of objects. Once of the most significant are the treasures of Tutankhamen.
Vessels that sail on the Nile range from the simple feluccas to small luxury cruise vessels called dahabiyas to large cruise ships. Most of the cruises are tied with excursions to temples and arrangements have to be made with regards to payments and other services. Going to Abu Simbel can be reached by plane and bus. There are also boats that sail through Lake Nasser.
There are a number of hotels where tourists can stay in while in the area. In the Sofitel chain are two elegant colonial hotels Old Winter Palace in Luxur and Old Cataract in Aswan. There is also the Four Seasons Hotel in Nile Plaza, Cairo.

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