Monday, November 12, 2012

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Natural Holiday Spots for Amazing Clicks

Planning a holiday this season? Why not get closer to nature? There are spellbinding places for all types of travelers  Why not explore these places on your next trip? It is sad to notice that most prefer to visit the important commercial hubs. Awaken the adventurer within you and pack your bags and take off on a trip to the most amazing places the mother earth has to offer. Man works hard to
attain a life which is not monotonous and tries to add difference in every mundane chore. So why not include this difference to experience new and a refreshing journey to the wonders the Earth has in store for us. Some of the noteworthy destinations for amazing clicks are as follows:

Lunar Rainbow- Victoria falls:
Pack your baggage and book your tickets to the witness the wonderful sight of moonbow. This click should not be missed. On every full moon, the Victoria Falls rainforest opens to various tourists from all over the world. The moonlight is reflected on the water particles from the mist of the water falls creating the rainbow. This is a phenomenon occurs on each full moon. This picture will surely leave several awestruck.

Northern lights- Scandinavia:
 Here is a chance to watch natures’ theatre unfold above you with the amazing lightshow. View this astounding wonder in the front row where nature takes the centre stage. Northern lights also known as Aurora borealis are caused owing to the fact that the solar wind comes in contact with the earth’s magnetic field in the upper hemisphere. You can watch the spectacular light beams and shoot incredible pictures but remember to carry your entire camera accessories so as to get great shots.

Torres del Paine- Chile:
The high glacial mountain peaks, lush green scenery and exotic animals give a pleasant surprise to your eyeballs. You can explore the terrains as there are numerous trekking paths and you get the opportunity to select the trail- a pleasant or a challenging trek. The true colours of nature are seen enabling to capture few outstanding views.

Electrical Storm- Tornado Alley, United States:
Bored with the regular beach holidays, head to mid-America to witness from thunder and lightning to tornados. You can capture the fury of nature. It’s frightening but at the same time thrilling. Join the storm chasing tours and view significant tornados.

Monument valley- U.S.:   
Experience the most photographed points on the earth. The majestic valley has amazing sandstone masterpieces which tower at heights of 400 1000 ft. You will find some splendid frames that are scenic. Though the vast area comprises mostly of desert land yet the colours of the shrubs, trees and the clouds reflect and create great impressions.

Pamukkale- Turkey:
Another wonders of nature, Pamukkale is one among the world’s natural spas. This is formed with white calcium harden in to clefts by the hot spring water present there. You can enjoy a relaxing bath in the hot springs which were used for bathing purpose for ages and capture few lovely pictures of earth’s formations. 
The above are few destinations which are awesome and thrilling. So go on a ride of adventure and capture brilliant pictures. Truly, being alive is awesome so why not check out few awesome places?

About the Author: This guest post is written by Michelle who is a passionate blogger from Manchester. Apart from blogging, she does research on cash loans uk. Reach her @financeport

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