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Frankfurt, the entry gate to Germany

When you are arriving in Frankfurt you realize that this city is the gateway to Germany, a city with a long history as most major European cities, but also a modern and vibrant city, where even many are encouraged to call it the German Manhattan.

Frankfurt am Main is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Germany, located on the banks of the river Main, is the financial center and home to the first Stock Exchange in Germany.

The city hosts many major International Trade Fairs every year, making the city one of the most important for international trade. But also is a city where you can enjoy different attractions like Museums, Theaters, Historic sites, a very important Zoo, and many other tourist attractions.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt.

If you are planning to visit the city, I would suggest to stay in Downtown Frankfurt, near An Der Hauptwache square, it is only 20 minutes from the Airport, and you have plenty of good hotels to stay.
The main advantage of Downtown Frankfurt is that it is walking distance from almost all the main attractions of the city.

What Attractions do you have in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is a very nice city to walk, there are many shopping places, Museums, Site-seeings,  Cultural activities and Historic sites to visit.

Commercial and Shopping



Downtown is the main commercial zone of Frankfurt, An Der Hauptwache square would be the place from where you can access the main shopping and commercial streets, like the Zeil and Kaiserstrasse.
From An der Hauptwache you have access to the train and subway, but you are also walking distance from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, the city's main station and one of the most important in Europe.


If you are interested in visiting Museums, Frankfurt is a city that offers many different Museums to visit. From Historic Museums, Architecture Museums to Film Museums, the offer is varied. The most important Museums in Frankfurt are:

Städelsches Kunstintitut un Stadtische Galerie
Founded in 1815, the Städel is an art museum with one of the most important collections in Germany.
The Städel owns 2,700 paintings (of which 600 are displayed) and a collection of 100,000 drawings and prints as well as 600 sculptures. It has around 4,000 m² of display and a library of 100,000 books and 400 periodicals.

Deutsches Architektur Museum
The museum organises several temporary exhibitions every year, as well as conferences, symposia and lectures. It has a collection of ca. 180,000 architectural drawings and 600 models, including works by modern and contemporary classics like Erich Mendelsohn, Mies van der Rohe, Archigram and Frank O. Gehry. It also includes a reference library with approximately 25,000 books and magazines. Located on the Museumsufer, crossing the River Main.

In Liebieghaus you can find the Museum of Ancient Sculpture, with Asian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque scultures. The address of the muesum is  Schaumainkai 71 street.

Museum für Moderne Kunst
The Museum of Modern Art of Frankfurt was founded in 1981. The museum was designed by the Viennese architect Hans Hollein. Because of its triangular shape, it is called "piece of cake".
The Museum has a permanent collection of over 4500 works of International arts, from the 1960's to the present.

Deutsches Filmmuseum
Very near of the Architektur Museum is the Film Museum, in Schaumainkai street, the museum has five sections: the camera obscura; the work of the Lumière brothers; history of the cinema; the language of film; and sound in film.

Goethe Haus and Museum
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was one of the most important German writers, he was born in Frankfurt. His home was destroyed during Second World War, but the Museum has original paintings, books and furniture that belong to Goethe. It's address is Grosser Hirschgraben 23.

Jüdisches Museum
The Jewish Museum shows the history of Jews in Frankfurt.

Museum für Angewandte Kunst

The Museum of Applied Art Frankfurt exhibits more than 30,000 objects representing European and Asian decorative arts. The new building of the museum was designed by the American architect Richard Meier in the garden of Villa Metzler. The collection of furniture, glassware, and porcelain has expanded and includes now also product design and information design.

The Dommuseum is a museum devoted to Frankfurt's cathedral, the Dom, opened in 1987, the Dommuseum presents its collection in the venerable walls of the cloisters of the Bartholomeus Cathedral.

Historisches Museum
The historisches museum  is Frankfurt´s municipal museum. The unique historic architectural ensemble welcomes visitors with topical permanent and special exhibitions. It is located on the Römerberg.

Historic Sites and Site Seeings

But the city not only offers Museums to visit, the site Seeings in Frankfurt are varied too and shows a little bit more of this incredible city. Most of these walks of Historic sites and Site Seeings are at a walk distance from downtown.

Main Tower
The Main Tower is a 200 meter high tower where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city.

Boat Tours
Few steps from the Romer, directly on the Main quay at the Eiserner Steg, there is the main landing stage and the ticket kiosk of the Primus Line. Where you can purchase tickets for boat tour along the River Main.

Palmengarden is the Bottanic Garden of Frankfurt, a place with 50 hectares with more than 6000 different species from around the world. It was built in 1868 and is visited by many tourist every year.

Fran Rauscher Brunnen - Alt-Sachsenhausen
Sachsenhausen is the other side of Frankfurt, meaning the other side of the Main that is. It is the part of the "Old town" with all it's famous Applewinepubs.

Römemberg and Römer


To the south of  Hauptwache is the Römerberg, a square  were you can find the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Justice Fountain) in the center, the square was almost destroyed during WWII and rebuilt in 1986. The Romer is west of Romerberg, it is a medieval building and one of the city's most important landmarks. It has been the city hall of Frankfurt for over 600 years.

St. Leonhardskirche
The Church of St Leonard is situated directly on the Main ambankment, it was built in 1219 with a Gothic style and is the only church in the city that escaped the bombings during the WWII almost intact.

Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus
Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus is the Frankfurt Cathedral, located in the centre of Frankfurt, it  is a Roman Catholic Gothic church dedicated to Saint Bartholomew.

Considered one of the most beautiful Renaissance-period buildings in the city, this monastery was built between 1460 and 1520. After the last monks (of the Karmeliter Order) left the monastery in 1803, it was turned into a military barracks. Nowadays, Karmeliterkloster is home to the Museum of Early History, the Institute of Urban History and a public art gallery

Alte Nikolaikirche
This church located in Romemberg Square is the oldest church in Frankfurt, officially it is said that the church was built in 1270, but recent studies say that it was built around 1140.

This church was built between 1789 and 1833, and is the birthplace of German democracy. Located a few blocks to the south from An der Hauptwache square.

Cultural activities


The cultural activity of the city is very important, Frankfurt offers different places to enjoy culture like Operas, Theaters,

Alter Oper
The Alter Oper offers only one Opera a year, but it is a place you can visit all the year. It was almost destroyed during Second World War, when it was hit by allied bombs, but the facade remained and was rebuilt in 1971. It is located Untermainanlage 11 street.

The English Theatre
The English Theatre Frankfurt is an English-language theatre in Frankfurt. It was founded in 1979 and became the second English-language theatre in Germany following The English Theatre of Hamburg. Its 300-seat auditorium in the Gallileo Tower is the largest English-language theatre venue in continental Europe.

The Festhalle is a multi-purpose hall at the Frankfurter Messegelände. The interior of about 40 metres high dome provides an area of 5,646 square metres up to 4,880 seats and is a popular venue for concerts by prominent artists.

Messe Frankfurt
The Frankfurt trade fair, which exhibition grounds are located in the Bockenheim and Westend-Süd districts, close to the city centre. It has ten exhibition halls, a central logistics centre and an attached convention centre, it is one of the world's largest trade fairs.

International Theater Frankfurt
The International Theater Frankfurt regularly features drama from Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Russia in its core programme, and also offers foreign-language performances representing 20 other languages and cultures. The theater's musical bill ranges from classical concerts to Klezmer and from Fado to jazz.

Certainly Frankfurt is a city that offers many attractions and a place that can be added to your travel plans.

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