Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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The incredible and beautiful Moscow subway stations

One of the things that I like, when I travel, is to use public transport, so when I find out how fascinating the Subway stations in Moscow are, I can not pass up the opportunity to see them.
The Moscow Metro is composed of 12 lines, each with its own color to distinguish them, 197 stations, and a length of 329 kilometers.

One of the characteristics of the Moscow metro is the depth to which the stations are built, in fact, the deepest is 84 meters underground, Park Pbedi Station (Victory Square)

The beauty of the stations of the Moscow subway is impressive. It's like entering palaces but to take a public transport.

All the stations are beautiful, really fascinating and that is something that catches a lot of attention, they are all beautiful, of course after that it is in tastes which one may like more, for me the ones I liked the most are the following stations:


It is one of the most beautiful and elegant metro stations in Moscow. What stands out most about the station is its vaulted form and it's 18 mosaics that commemorate the union between Russia and Ukraine. If you look closely, almost all the mosaics have communist elements.
This station also has a connection to the Light Blue line and the Blue line.


This station is what I meant about the Moscow subway, it looks like the hall of a baroque palace. With the old lamps hanging from the ceiling, it could well pass through the living room of one of the luxurious palaces of St. Petersburg.
This stop also has a connection to the Red line.

Park Pobedy

As already commented before, Park Pobedy  Station is the deepest metro station in Moscow and the third deepest in the world. A difference between this station with other metro stations of the Moscow Subway it that this one is super modern. The floor looks like a chess board and the image at the end of the station passes perfectly through the hall of a prestigious museum.

Plóshchad Revolutsii

It is the metro stop of the Revolution Square, very close to the Red Square. You are likely to reach it without having to make great planning efforts.

For me, it is one of the best metro stations in Moscow. It seems that you are in the room of a museum with its 76 bronze statues.
From this station, you also have a connection to the Red and Green line.

Official Map of the Moscow Metro

English Official Version

Most of the Stations work from 5:30 Am to 01:00Am.

Types of tickets: Tickets can be purchased for 1 trip, 2, 20, 40 and 60 (you can share the ticket). There are also other types of tickets but more oriented to the resident population and less to the tourist.

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