Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Punta del Este, the St.Tropez of Uruguay

I have to say that for me Punta del Este is one of the mos beautiful cities in South America, the city is characterized by its beauty and tranquility. Uruguay is in itself a very peaceful country. For tourists, Punta del Este is an exceptional place to spend an unforgettable vacation.

Unlike other cities in Uruguay like Montevideo with much more history and more populated, Punta del Este is modern city and more of a vacation city, a city that combines activities for all styles, miles of beautiful coastline, spectacular landscapes and magnificent sunsets. The city is visited by thousands of tourists every year during the summer season, specially tourists from Argentina and Brazil, but in the last few years tourists from Europe and the United States also choose to spend time in Punta del Este.

The city has style and lots of places to know, to start Gorlero Avenue is the place where you will find the best shops, tearooms, cinemas and restaurants to enjoy a good time while visiting the city.
Punta del Este can be divided into two regions, the Brava and the Mansa, these are the main beaches of Punta del Este, and while one has tame waters, the other has a brave sea, beaches in the Mansa have thick golden sand, while on the Brave the sand is white and fine.

La Barra is the place by excellence for the youth, both day and night, since it brings together the top beaches (Montoya, Bikini) and the top Discos. There are plenty of options for anyone who runs out of fun.

One iconic places of Punta del Este is Casapueblo, a house that is an artwork by the uruguayan painter and sculptor Carlos Paez Vilaró, he started to build the house in 1958 and took him 36 years to finish it. It is located in Punta Ballena.

Another attraction of the Lighthouse, a 45 meters tall structure that can be visited and if you wish to climb the 150 steps to the top  you can enjoy a beautiful sight of the sea and the city.


  1. Wow..great photos! We are headed to South America soon and I cannot wait to visit Punta Del Este.

  2. Thanks Kels for the comment, hope you have a great time here in South America, there are a lot of great places to visit.

  3. Thanks Erica for your comment. Hope you enjoy future posts


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