Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Ecuador´s beach coast

Ecuador is a great country with lots of interesting places you can travel to, among those places you can find a large coastline with great beaches to have a wonderful time enjoying the sun and the sea. 

Four are the Ecuadorian provinces that have coastline on the Pacific Ocean: Esmeraldas, Manabi, Guayas and El Oro. More than 1,000 Km of the coast with beautiful beaches, cliffs, lovely bays in
addition to national parks and protected areas and a well developed tourist infrastructure along the coast that offer excellent opportunities for relaxation and entertainment in a tropical paradise.

Among the best known beaches we can mention Salinas, located 140 km from Guayaquil, this place is recognized worldwide for its fine white sand and amazing turquoise waters that make this resort the delight of visitors. It is ideal for water sports like diving, jet skiing, and fishing depth. Due to its tourist infrastructure, the services provided both on beaches and in restaurants has made this resort a great center of concurrency.
Another famous beach of Ecuador is Atacames, which is located in the province of Esmeraldas, on the southern coast of the Pacific. For many it is considered one of the best beaches in Ecuador and is selected every year by thousands of tourists, this beautiful beach is located 350 kilometers from the capital of Ecuador, Quito.
In addition to its beautiful beaches, the town of Atacames has great restaurants located along the extensive waterfront where you can sample exotic dishes with seafood as the main ingredient.
Manta's beaches are other well known beaches of Ecuador, and Tarqui one of the most visited of the 12 conponer its long coastline, the other beaches located in Manta are"El Murciélago", "Los Esteros", "Barbasquillo", "Santa Marianita", "La Tiñosa", "San Lorenzo", "San Mateo" and "Liguiqui", all beautiful beaches where you can enjoy beautiful places, diving and resting.  

Finally we do not want to forget Tonsupa, a great place to enjoy the calm tide, allowing practice of various sports such as diving and the landscape under its waters is unique and amazing. Located in the province of Esmeraldas, Tonsupa is known for having the most beautiful sunsets from the beaches of Ecuador.

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