Friday, May 20, 2011

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Tangier, Morocco

Africa offers a huge list of places to go in a trip, in Northern Afica you have Tangier in Morocco. Tangier is a city that it shows to us white and beautiful, surrounding the mountain where is located in the Medina, many travelers come to Tangier seeking the glorious past of this city. A city that was administered by different nations and Moroccan delegates and when was a time where they built a wide
variety of neighborhoods, Spanish, French, Italian, German, American, etc.
As a free port, trade deals this city, located in a very special and privileged position.
Tangier is located in northern Morocco, on the shores of the Strait of Gibraltar, is the second largest industrial center in Morocco after Casablanca.
Multicultural enclave of Muslim, Jewish and Christian, Tangier has attracted the attention of artists. Given the beauty of this city and its mild climate so many people have settled there.
Among the multiple points in the city to visit and that are considered tourist attractions, you can find Dar el Makhzen (Sultan's palace), Tangier American Legation Museum, Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities, Museum of Contemporary Art (Tangier), Fondation Lorin, Musée de Carmen-Macein, Tangier Grand Mosque, Kasbah Mosque, Petit Socco souk, Grand Socco, Hotel Continental (Tangier), Church of the Immaculate Conception, Anglican Church of St. Andrew, Rue Es-Siaghine, Rue de la Liberté, Avenue Pasteur, Ancien Palace du Mendoub, Gran Teatro Cervantes, Quartier du Marshan, Colline du Charf, Parc de la Mendoubia and Café Hafa.

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