Monday, September 3, 2012

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Explore Western Australia's Hidden Gems by Car

If you love to travel by car and you've always wanted to visit Australia, book an airline ticket to Perth. Perth is Western Australia's biggest and most energetic city, but to get a real appreciation for the Western part of the country, travel outside of the city. Hire a vehicle, and maybe look into getting an international driver's license, as there are many areas surrounding Perth that you must see while you're down under. Below are just three areas that you should visit while you're driving and exploring outside of Perth.

The Historic Town of Pinjarra

Pinjarra is one of the oldest towns in Western Australia, and is only an hour South of Perth. Pinjarra was founded in the 1830s and is situated on the Murray River. After you've enjoyed the scenic drive outside of Perth you can enjoy a relaxing, and very Australian, afternoon tea in one of the many parks. Once you've learned about the history of the area by walking through its Heritage Trail, you could visit the area's famous Suspension Bridge. Pinjarra is not usually a destination chosen by travel groups or tour buses, so hiring a car and driving to this area will ensure that you can enjoy the tranquility and history that this area offers.

The Stunning Natural Formations in Dunsborough

When most tourists think of interesting natural formations that they must visit while in Western Australia, they'll probably think of the Pinnacles. However, tourists who rent a car and explore the area surrounding Perth can see the beautiful area of Dunsborough. Three hours from Perth, you will see the stunning waters of Bunker Bay and the amazing nature formations in the Ngilgi Cave. Read the aboriginal myths associated with the cave's stalactites, stalagmites, helicites and shawls. Even though these limestone caves are considered one of the area's most sought after tourist attractions, without a car it is difficult to get to.

The Wineries and Beaches of Margaret River

Margaret River is a must-see area. It is 227km South of Perth, and offers world famous wineries, fantastic surfing and a smorgasbord of camping opportunities. To really enjoy being out of the city, renting a car will give you the freedom to explore the real beauty, and fantastic food and wine, of this area. If you've always wanted to visit Australia, then renting a car after you've landed in Perth is the only way to see all of the fantastic sites outside of the city. Exploring by car allows you to travel like the locals, and to visit areas the locals love most!

Thomas is a writer and photographer that enjoys traveling and sharing his passion for cars, he also works in the used car sales industry writing for Hertz.

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