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Where To Go and What to Know! - Traveling to Romania.

Iron Gate, Romania
The Danube River

A country rich in culture, natural environments, tasty foods and beautiful women, Romania is a beautiful place with lots to offer tourists. With its three main landmarks, the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube River and the Black Sea, Romania has all it needs to offer a wide range of touristic activities and destinations to the visitors from abroad.

What you need to know:

When you travel to a new country, one that you have never been to before it is always important to know some basic information about the country, such as language, currency, medical warnings. This way you will be prepared for everything. One other way to make sure you are prepared for travel is to purchase the necessary protection. Always make sure to have the right gear and travel insurance for you and your travel mates.

Here is what you need to know if you plan to travel to Romania. This medium sized country is part of the European Union but has not yet switched to the Euro as currency. The „leu” is the currency found in Romania and at the moment one euro is 4.6 lei, just so you can get an idea.

The Language. The language spoken here is Romanian. This language shares many similarities with other languages from the Latin family such as Italian or Spanish so if you are traveling from one of these countries, picking up some common phrases should be fairly easy.
While English is not the language spoken by any of the minorities primarily, it is a language taught in all school, this means that wherever you go you should be able to relate with everyone without a translator – in the cities at least.

The People. Romanians are warm people, very welcoming towards tourists. Travelers are always received with open arms and usually a bottle of the regional spirit. Romanian cuisine is quite varied, using all types of ingredients, vegetables, spices, meats and cheeses. Once you taste a warm Romanian meal you will always remember it – especially in the mountain resorts.

The Country. Romania is a very rich country when referring to the natural environments. The mountain ranges alone are quite diversified, from small mountains with caves, gorges, lakes and streams to tall mountains that scrape the clouds or volcanic mountains in the east.

Romania also has one of the largest rivers in Europe, the Danube as the southern border and access to the Black Sea – where there are many seaside resorts filled with activities and great nightlife all summer long.
The eastern part of the country stands upon a large area filled with thermal springs. Baile Felix is a renowned thermal resort in all of Europe and has received tourists since after the second world war.

Where to go if traveling to Romania:

Exactly where you want to go depends on the type of trip you and your party members decide upon. Here are some of the best travel destinations if you plan on traveling to Romania.


Oradea, Romania
Oradea, a beautiful city and travel destination

Oradea– voted as the “Green City” of Romania in 2012 this city has many different tourist destinations and is very close to the largest thermal resort in Romania – Baile Felix. Its architecture also resembles the one found in the Austrian capital city of Vienna.

Sibiu – This city was the cultural capital of Romania in 2011 and is rich in culture and hosts concerts and various other activities.

Sighisoara – This medieval town to this day attracts a large number of tourists from inside and outside the country with its wonderful architecture, cultural heritage and great food.

Natural Environments:

Bucegi mountains, Romania
Tha amazing beauty of the Bucegi Mountains

The Apuseni Natural Park is found in the heart of the western mountains of Romania and is home to hundreds of kilometers of caves, beautiful forests, underground rivers and many more. The many mountains of Romania are also filled with many cabins, from small and cozy ones that can hold a few people to large traditional cabins that can hold up to 20 people.

The Bucegi Mountains are best known for their tall peaks and natural works of art such as The Sphynx and Babele (The Old Women) or Cheile Bicazului (the Bicaz Gorge).

Romania is also known for its thermal springs and resorts such as Baile Felix, Baile Herculane or Baile Sarate. Also one of the most beautiful roads in the world featured in the Top Gear show – The Transfagarasan is found here.

Unfortunately, listing all of the beautiful travel destinations of a country is too difficult to squeeze into just one article, we hope this one will help you consider this country for your next trip.
Romania is a country quite capable to cater to any type of traveler. All you have to do is put your finger on the map and choose a travel destination.

I'm Chris Smith and traveling is my greatest passion. Hopefully, I can turn my passions into something that can help all travelers have a safe and fantastic trip.

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