Friday, October 12, 2012

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Holiday Heaven: Cyprus

Holiday heaven comes in many different forms. From the white sandy beaches and crystal clear shores of the Maldives, to the bustling experiences and diversity of Atogo holidays in Tenerife, everyone’s got their favourite. If you love nothing more than holidaying on a beautiful island, where the sun shines down on
glittering golden sands and ancient monuments pepper the coastlines and rugged hillsides, then Cyprus could be your perfect destination.

It’s said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, and she certainly left her mark here. The coastlines are all swathes of soft sand, gently lapping shores and quiet secluded coves - perfect for building sand-castles with the little ones, enjoying a paddle or sitting back under a parasol with the latest bestseller. But of course there’s much more to Cyprus than sun, sea and sand. Head inland to explore the stunning Troodos Mountains - home to twisting hairpin bends, fascinating walking trails and beautiful monasteries that cling to the rocky hillsides.

This may sound like paradise, and it certainly is. But it doesn’t have to come with the exclusive price tag. If you’re after five-star luxury in lavish surroundings with service at your beck and call, Cyprus is happy to oblige. Yet if you’re after low-cost Cyprus package holidays in a pleasant hotel or affordable self-catering apartment, you’ll find plenty of choices here.

Go for the late deal option for cut-price getaways to this magical island, where you can book, pack and jet off at a moment’s notice. Or if you prefer to plan ahead, you’ll often find plenty of deals and incentives for next summer. Early bookers are often rewarded with great discounts and tempting offers such as free kids’ places or hotel upgrades. So it’s always worth planning ahead to enjoy additional savings as well as having extra time to save some spending money, giving you more to play with when you get there. Now that’s holiday heaven!

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