Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Top Travel Spots for Travelers and Art Lovers

There are certain travel destinations on Earth which simply must be experienced. From iconic landmarks to spots that display the splendor of nature, a trip can be life changing.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Is there a more iconic museum in the world than the Metropolitan? Housed in the heart of New York City, the MET houses some of the most intrepid collections in the world. Ranging from works of antiquity to European classics to modern American art of the past century, there simply isn't a better place to take in the crossroads of art and culture. One standout feature of the museum is the Costume Institute, which puts on display the iconic pieces from legendary designers such as Gianni Versace. The campus of the museum itself it a sight of splendor, housed in a space of over two-hundred thousand square feet and stretching nearly a quarter mile long, it holds approximately two million pieces on display.

Yosemite National Park, California

Nestled in the Northwest portion of the United States, a four hour drive from San Francisco, stands one of the most majestic parks in the world. Gleaming mountains, mammoth red wood trees, and gleaming lakes all make this trip worth while. Inspiration abounds at the breathtaking Yosemite falls, home to the highest waterfall in all of north America, marked by a The 1,430-foot plunge. Out in this serene wilderness may be the last place a tourist would expect to catch up on the art scene, and yet, the park is home to the Ansel Adams gallery.

The Adelphi Theatre, London.

The historical Adelphi Theatre in the West End of London offers plenty of glitz and glamor encapsulated inside this 1,500-seat show house. While this spot is chock full of historical importance, it is hardly a relic. To this day, the best and brightest actors to grace the stages of Europe still play to packed audiences night after night.

This enchanting theater that has been a staple of the London theatre scene since 1806. Though the theatre has experienced many incarnations, its current structure has been in place since 1868. Generations of theatre lovers have flocked to fill the iconic red seats in order to catch a glimpse of the most passionate performers of their time.

The interior of the
Adelphi Theatre London is simply breathtaking. Patrons sit, awe-struck, on luxurious red seats while the lights beam over a spacious stage, which has hosted some of the most famous theatrics in the history of scripted plays. Past productions include Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and a critically acclaimed adaptation of The Bodyguard. 

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