Saturday, January 16, 2021

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My Experience with Limousine Bus Tokyo

Limousine Bus At Haneda Airport

I like to plan everything in my trips to avoid having any trouble.

One of the things I like to plan with advance is the pick up from the airport when I arrive and from the hotel when I leave.

Being my first trip to Tokyo, I didn´t know what to expect about the local transport. So I decided to use the Limousin Bus service to go to my hotel. I arrived at Haneda Airport, but Limousine bus has also the same service in Narita Airport.

I have to say that the all the process is very simple. Getting the reservation on line, finding the desk of the company when you arrive and waiting for the bus that will take you to your hotel is very simple.

The pro´s are that the buses are comfortable, they take you directly to your hotel, you have a tour around the city, as you get to see the city while they take you to your hotel, and it is not expensive.

The con´s as usual is the time you have to spend wainting for the bus and the time if takes to drop you off at the hotel.

Tokyo is a very well conected city. I used the public transport on my way back to the airport when I left the city, and it is very safe, quick and cheap. So I´ll probably use the public transport next time I visit Tokyo. Still, the Limousin Bus is a good alternative if don´t mind spending time, or you are too tired to use the public transport and doing the different combinations of subways and trains to reach your hotel.

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