Thursday, February 4, 2021

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My Experience with Go Airlink New York Shuttle


GoAirlinkNY Website Reservation

Arriving to New York City at any of it´s airports is always a challange. And how to reach your hotel is one of the things you need to plan before you arrive. 

This was my second time in the city. I arrived to JFK Airport, only for one day, as I had to take a flight to Toronto the next day leaving from La Guardia Airport. So I decided to use Go Airlink Schuttle to do both trips, from JFK to the Hotel and from the Hotel to La Guardia.

Making a reservation on GoAirlinkNY is very simple and fast, you only need to use their website. In the main page you can easily see  the box to choose from what airport you are arriving and to what Hotel you are going. If you need a pick up at a hotel you do the same process, you choose the hotel, and then airport you are departing from. You also have the alternative to choose to be picked up at transportation hubs or a specific address.

Once you put the place to be picked up and to where to be Dropped off, the rest of the process is very simple. You choose the type of vehicle you want , and then you select the pick up time and finish the reservation. (This is important, as you can choose a shared vehicle like a the shuttle, or a private car for yourself, the difference of course is the price you will pay)

At the Airport

I think this is probably the negative thing about GoAirlinkNY. I arrived at JFK and finding the pick up place was not that intuitive. It was not difficult either, but I think it has to be more easy. Once you get your luggage, you need to find the desk of Transportation, GoAirlinkNY does not have their own desk and there is no sign. So you can take a little bit to find out where they pick you up. Ask at the transportation desk and they will get in contact with the Schuttle and arrange everything. 

At LaGuardia is the same process, but if you arrive late at night, there is no one in the transportation desk and you have to use a phone that is available there to get in contact with GoAirlinkNY.

It is not the best process, but I think there should be a sign or something to locate the company more easily. So probably this is one of the negative things about using this type of transportation. The other negative point is the waiting times. I lost almost one hour until the Schuttle picked me up. And then you have a long time to reach your hotel depending how many people the Schuttle has to drop off.

At The Hotel

The process of being picked up at the hotel is more simple, and they were on time both times they had to pick me up at a hotel. This is a good point. Also you have to take into consideration the time you need to arrive at the airport and do the check in. But in the website they give you alternatives depending the time of your flight. This is a positive point for GoAirlinkNY.

As a final consideration, I have to say that using GoAirlinkNY is a simple way to go both to the airport and to you hotel or home if you don´t mind the time of waiting.

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