Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things to do in Istanbul, Turkey


With 13.5 million inhabitants, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and by population, one of the largest in Europe. It is packed with history and culture, and offers amazing attractions for both the seasoned traveller and the informal city breaker. Below you will find a mix of must-see attractions suited to most tastes!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The phenomenal Dubailand theme park has it all

The world has watched the coastline of Dubai evolve from a desert village into a global city the size of which rivals international city spectaculars in sheer size and development. And now Dubailand, which started development in 2003 and halted in 2008, is back on track to be completed and have an opening date in 2014. The massive structure will feature international draw cards, such as a replicate of the Taj Mahal, amongst many others, but bigger.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Holiday Heaven: Cyprus

Holiday heaven comes in many different forms. From the white sandy beaches and crystal clear shores of the Maldives, to the bustling experiences and diversity of Atogo holidays in Tenerife, everyone’s got their favourite. If you love nothing more than holidaying on a beautiful island, where the sun shines down on

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Romantic Destinations around the World

It doesn't have to be a honeymoon to be romantic. Some couples celebrate their silver, golden or diamond anniversaries by getting away for a romantic break. Some want to celebrate their retirement by taking a well-earned break with their beloved spouse. And of course you don’t have to be married to enjoy a romantic holiday with the one you love (although let us hope that if you’re not married, neither is he or she). So there are very many couples from very many places, from various age groups and with various budgets, looking for romantic destinations where they can spend a little quality time with their partners. The choice, depending of course on one’s budget, is extremely diverse and can be a bit daunting or bewildering.

The West Country, Devon or Cornwall, London, Paris, Rome or New York, Southern Europe,The Bahamas, Florida, Costa Rica, Pacific islands or South America, The Orient, South-East Asia.

For those who don’t have the financial resources for a trip abroad but are looking for cheap holidays there are some lovely, quiet and quaint places in the south-west of England where the climate is a bit warmer or milder than most of the rest of Britain and where it is possible to have a truly romantic getaway among truly impressive moors, meadows and mountains. Think cream teas and scones or cider and local ale, sitting in a beer garden in a little village or on a beach.

Big Cities

London is another option within the U.K. but not quite the same deal as a country village or quiet beach. Western Europe’s capital cities offer romance of another sort. There is so much history, architecture, art and culture to be experienced in these historical cities, dating from the ages of empires through the Renaissance and including some modern architectural wonders. They also contain some of the world’s finest urban parks where you can get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy some peace and quiet among a myriad of flowers in some very fine gardens Apart from its parks Paris, for example, has cafes, museums, churches, palaces and of course the Seine. On the other side of the Atlantic is the enormous New York City, without much history but making up for that with its artistic, architectural and fantastic cultural diversity. The range of international restaurants is second to none. And you can really, completely escape from it all in Central Park.

The Mediterranean and Aegean

Try talking about Venice without mentioning romance, with gondola rides along the canals, under those bridges, or over them into the piazzas for coffee. Further down the Italian coast and all around the Mediterranean is a huge assortment of seaside resorts catering to all sorts of tastes. Portugal, not quite but almost Med, has so much more to offer than beaches, with a rich history and heritage influenced by its many former colonies. Spain is famous and even infamous for its beach resorts but again there are places where one can find serenity. To the east, Santorini is a particularly fine example of one of those Greek islands in the Aegean with their ancient and quintessentially romantic hillside villages.

Caribbean Sea

Another sea attracting many honeymooners is part of Central America. The island of Nassau is a typical example of the Bahamas, with turquoise water and its associated water-sports, delightful places to eat and electrifying nightlife in each of its numerous resorts. Florida is also in this part of the world and has a huge variety of attractions, from alligators in the everglades to roller-coasters in Disney World. Within the same waters and with similar characteristics are the Turks and Caicos Islands, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados and so on. Not far away on the mainland is Costa Rica with lush tropical rain-forest and big volcanoes with waterfalls, butterfly farms and mountain-top cloud forests. Not to mention the beaches.

South Pacific

If you consult a travel agent like Travel Republic and say that you’re looking for an unforgettable holiday, they may suggest something as far afield as Polynesia. Apart from the white beaches, Tahiti has colourful valleys between its peaks, with waterfalls and lovely little villages. The Great Barrier Reef is a world wonder and also has some great resort islands such as the Whitsundays. There you can snorkel or dive among the reef and its wildlife in crystal-clear water, and then relax with a cocktail on the resort’s beach. There are a huge number of islands in the South Pacific and many of them have resorts facilitating romantic vacations, but don’t forget the mainland to the east – South America. For the more adventurous couples what could be more stimulating than Peru, for example, Ecuador or Argentina?

The Orient

Finally, a load more beach resorts. Thailand, for example, has the island of Phuket on the west side of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Samui on the east. Up near the Cambodian border is Elephant Island and all three have outstandingly beautiful central regions. Each is surrounded with beach resorts catering to a variety of budgets. Indonesia and the Philippines consist of literally hundreds of islands each, so here is a good place to look for a reasonably undeveloped and unspoilt (and romantic) resort.

This article was written by Ted Hunter on behalf of Travel Republic. Travel Republic is a cheap holidays specialist with holidays to suit all tastes available. Ted lives in London, and likes writing about travel and technology. He is a cat lover and he loves to run.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

4 city points to visit in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is one of the most important capitals of South America. A very modern city with lots of attractions and very near to the Andes mountains. If you are planning to travel to Santiago there are some places that you should schedule in your visit.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I Love The UK Rail Network

The UK rail network seems to be in the news all the time, usually for negative reasons. The recent confirmation that the HS2 high speed rail network will go ahead has caused even more controversy with critics arguing that the project is a white elephant which is likely to cause British tax payers billions.
However, people seem to forget that our rail system is one of the best and safest in Europe and the world and although I agree train tickets can be pricey, locomotive travel is still one of the best ways to get around.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Exploring Glasgow: A Weekend Itinerary

Are you looking for your next city break destination? Glasgow is full of architectural delights as well as public parks and attractions suitable for adults and children alike.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Most Beautiful, Historic Homes For You To Visit In London

London is known for many beautiful attractions and tourists from around the world influx this city for its culture, history and sites. London is rich in history and culture and the city is scattered with stunning, historic homes waiting to be explored. If you are a history enthusiast that has an interest in architecture, then London is your playground with many historic homes to enjoy. Whether a tourist or a Londoner here are some of the most stunning historic homes for you to visit.